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Sturdy seniors who enjoy frequent travel throughout the world by air, plane, train, bus, car and on foot tell us some basic truths about smart eating and wandering. Here they are in the most simple terms:

1. Keep it clean: In your travels, you’ll touch many surfaces. Before you grab food you’re about to gobble, wash your hands thoroughly.

2. Street cart food: No matter how quaint and attractive the stuff bubbling in the pot looks, refuse it. If you’re tempted, think of how long it has sat in the cart, how many people have handled it, including the charmingly-slovenly vendor.

3. When wandering in the market area, use medicated wipes to clean your hands after touching anything. Of course, this applies when you use a public toilet. 4. Eat and drink sensibly: Just because you’re at a buffet doesn’t mean you can scarf down five times the usual amount you eat at a meal. Select the healthy foods and be happy with one helping. OK, maybe two.

5. Go light on booze: Enjoy a single glass of wine, beer or whiskey, and always with a meal. If possible, drink only  bottled water when out in an unfamiliar city.

6. Exercise: To start your busy travel day, your stomach and legs will thank you when you prepare by taking a brisk morning hike. That will limber up your senior system for all the activities it will need to do throughout the day.

7. Avoid crowds: An area full of sneezers and coughers is a fertile breeding ground for your senior body to join in.

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