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Savvy seniors should know that after watching TV commercials for decades, it’s obvious that we need to be alert to so-called customer travel reviews. We’ve seen actors giving out sincere endorsements of cars, medicine, insurance and other rip-offs. So, we should be skeptical about travel-related testimonials on internet ads.

When you on-line research hotels, resorts, restaurants and vacation packages, check out the glowing reviews by allegedly former customers. Words and phrases describing their experiences as “the best ever”, “fantastic bargains”, “superior service” should put you on your guard.

Another clue to phony endorsements is when the reviews are overly personal. “They served me the best steak I ever had” and “the hotel’s staff did everything to make my stay an enormous pleasure”.

Another way to spot an exaggerated positive review is if it is obviously written by someone with limited English language skills. As with the annoying online spam messages that promise big income from working at home, the review is also a scam. 

The best way to get honest reviews of future travel and dining destinations is to seek out friends and family members who’ve actually visited the places. Also consult with a trusted and experienced travel agent.


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