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The basic guidelines for tipping in Las Vegas and other gambling meccas aren't that much different from those in your home town. Tips are expected in casinos, restaurants, hotels, parking lots, bars and other sites.

In Las Vegas as elsewhere, service people depend on tips as a significant part of their income. It encourages them to do everything possible to earn your money. The old adage is that T.I.P. stands for To Insure Promptness, the norm in Sin City.

Tipping begins as you arrive. If you're flying in with luggage, and a baggage handler helps you, tip $1 a bag. After riding a taxi, limo or van to your hotel, tip from 10 to 20 percent of the fare. When arriving at the hotel, and a doorman helps take bags and carries them to the check-in desk, tip $1 a bag. When you've been assigned to a room, and a bellman takes the bags there, tip $1 a bag, more if he checks out the room and offers friendly info about the features.

Tipping is also an expected practice in the casino. Cocktail waitresses roam, providing free drinks to players. Even if she brings water, tip her from $1 to $5 for each delivery. Another situation is when you leave the tables, tip the dealer $5. If you win big, you may happily decide to make it more.

At the hotel buffet, tip the waiter $2 per person. If you eat at a sit-down restaurant, tip from 10 to 20 percent of the tab. When into Las Vegas night life, tipping becomes more costly. When leaving your hotel, tip $5 to the doorman who calls a cab and opens the door.

In addition to tipping the cab driver at the evening destination, the club or theater doorman expects at least a $5 tip. If you get a very good seat for the show or a well-located table at the restaurant, shell out more for the usher.

After a night on the town, daylight may include sun by the hotel pool. If a staffer brings a towel and sets up a pool lounge, the tip is from $1 to $5. At the hotel spa for a massage, the tip should be up to 20 percent of the charge for the service.

For room service, a tip of $5 is appropriate. When checking out of your room, if service was good, tip the maid $5 to $10 for each night you've been there.

Maybe visiting Las Vegas would be simpler if you followed one basic rule. If you feel a tip is appropriate or expected, hand it out with an appreciative smile.

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