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Las Vegas, as is true about every gambling place, is all about hype. When you arrive, leave any sense of reality behind. However, you can make your money last longer by taking advantage of coupon offers.

The business, of course, of Sin City is to get you to gamble. All the free and discount coupons are offered to entice you to put money into slot machines or to bet at casino tables.
Chances of winning are slim, and therefore, the gambling bosses consider coupon promotions worth the investment. Start your coupon search before booking the Las Vegas flight or hotel. Go over current offers with your hometown or online travel agency. Usually, the best way is package deals. That combines your flight and hotel stay into one overall price, and may include free buffets, spa treatments, entertainment and other extras. The savings could be from ten to 25 percent off list prices if you booked them separately.

Go to websites of individual Las Vegas hotels, casinos, restaurants, amusements, entertainment and other promotions. Depending on the hotel you choose, you’ll find online coupons to print and take with you.

When you arrive at hotel check in, ask for coupons available that day to use there and elsewhere. They’ll usually come in a folder or booklet. For example, many hotels offer a free night’s stay for each three or more night reservation. The hotel management isn’t being kindhearted. Extra nights are more days you spend ... and keep spending ... in the casino.

Once in your room, scan local magazines there for more coupons. For example, for the price of one, you may get two meals, two tickets to a stage show and other similar two-fer deals. If you wander to various hotels, stop daily at front desks and ask about coupon specials in effect that day. For your Vegas venture, good luck!

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