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The best cruises for seniors meet the needs and preferences of those who’ve attained that certain age. It’s when comfort and luxury are more important than excitement. Some of the most popular are those sea journeys created exclusively for seniors.

Most other cruises include seniors, and offer some activities just for them. However, the same ships may also be full of young adult passengers dedicated to have a noisy good time, especially late at night. Also aboard will be families with little kids who’ll do the same throughout the day.

Cruises, including senior-exclusive ones, are attractive because they deliver luxury comparable to posh resorts, but at much lower costs. The average cost to stay at an upscale resort or big-city hotel is between $250 and $400 a day per person. This most often just covers the fee for the room, and neither food nor entertainment is included.

The average cruise costs between $100 and $150 a day per person. Cruises include comfortable cabins, all meals, Broadway-style entertainment, ever-changing ocean and coastal scenery and visits to exotic port cities.

Those on-board features also have one great advantage over vacations ashore that seniors can appreciate. Everything needed for the cruise is all moments away, within short strolling distances from passenger cabins.

Cruises for seniors are also designed for people who are no longer as spry as they once were. Special conveniences are there to make the experience as pleasant as possible for passengers who are elderly, as well as those with physical limitations. 

Aboard large cruise ships there are roomy elevators that whisk everyone up and down to within steps of cabins, dining rooms, music clubs, casino, theater, spa, pools, shopping and other onboard facilities. For seniors concerned about their health while away from home, most cruises sail with medical staffers. They’re available 24 hours for treatments, medications and emergency services.

One seniors-designated travel service is Road Scholar. It offers moderately-priced, one- and two-week combination onboard and excursion-ashore programs for cruising seniors. The not-for-profit organization designs special experiences for older travelers who want to participate in at-sea organized educational, history, art appreciation and sightseeing activities. www.roadscholar.org


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