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OK, admit it. You’re not as young and supple as you once were. So, during that entire six-hour flight, you just sit there while your ancient muscles and bones get older.

If you want to be able to disembark comfortably after landing, do some exercises during the flight. First, while seated, once every 15 to 30 minutes, slowly stretch out your legs, slowly turning ankles a dozen times. Then pull your knees, one at a time, gradually up and as close to your chest as you can manage. Do similar exercises with your arms, including straight up to the overhead. Don’t overdo it, just for about five minutes, while comfortable with the movements and not intruding on your seatmate’s space.

Additionally, at least once an hour and during potty breaks, walk to an open area in the rear where you can have some personal standing space next to a bulkhead. Push against the bulkhead (not the aircraft door) with both hands and stretch back and forth a dozen times. Also, do a dozen walking or running steps in place.

Later, you may not hop, skip and jump like a youngster through the airport. At least you’ll be limber enough to fight the crowds at the luggage carousel as you try to find your bag and hail a taxi.

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