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For senior wanderers, the world of travel is always getting more technically sophisticated, and too often very confusing. However, because all the new happenings can work to make travel more economical and interesting, it’s essential to keep up with them.

Remember the days before ATM machines, when you had to go into a bank to get cash or change money with a live teller? And before smartphones, when calling home from a foreign country, it was an expensive experience while being enclosed in a phone booth.

Twitter is where the world communicates via short 140-character messages. It provides amazing instant networking, with the system of followers and followings. Twitter accounts can be for individuals, businesses and just about any other entities. When you find interesting sources on Twitter, you follow them, enabling you to receive their messages either online or on your mobile phone. People and organizations can follow you and receive all your future outgoing messages. Both lists, followers and those you are following, are displayed on your Twitter profile, allowing all to interact.

Participants can follow others right from your page with a single click. When you tweet or reply to someone on Twitter, their ID appears. Anyone on Twitter who reads it can then check them out and follow. A system of re-tweeting allows you to copy other tweets and send them to your followers.

The system also allows for private direct messages (DM), but to send messages, they must be to followers, to avoid spam or other unwanted messages. You can only send DMs to people who follow you.

Search through those lists to find other interesting things/people to follow, including travel. For example, if a fan of a specific corporation’s hotels, follow their Twitter account. You’ll also see who else is communicating with them.  This also applies to interesting individuals, organizations and other entities.

Everything on Twitter is searchable. For another example, if planning a Paris trip, you can find those tweeting news and opinions about the city, and get real time info. You can also tweet your own info about Paris, and others will connect with you.

Official and commercial organizations continuously tweet important info, and also use the service to promote and advertise. You can tweet, "Going to Paris in October. Any recommendations?", or "Has anyone ever flown Delta to Spain".  You’ll be surprised at the informative responses.

On days before your trip, use the service to get breaking news about potential travel problems. Weather, strikes, road construction or other glitches. The now nature of Twitter tells you what’s happening at that very minute. Enroll in Twitter and start tweeting endless senior travel advantages.

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