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We don’t have to read the headlines to know the world is in an angry mess. And the U.S. gets its share of blame. It happens to many of our senior readers when traveling in Europe, Africa, South America and other areas in the world. Hostile taxi drivers, airline employees, store clerks, officials and others spout in-your-face anti-American words.

The first impulse is to respond with angry answers. And for seniors who once wore U.S. uniforms, to remind them about saving (or blasting) their sorry butts in WWII and/or wars since. It’s perfectly natural to respond that way, unless you're a harebrained Hollywood celeb or permanent protest marcher, who'd respond by kissing the nasty native on at least two cheeks. However, we believe the best way to counter such confrontations is to say firmly, "I'm a guest in your country, and I expect you to offer me the same courtesy I'd show you if you were a guest in the USA. I won't discuss politics with you, and intend my visit to strengthen our mutual friendship, as well as help your economy."

Or use less formal words to that effect, such as, “Ferme-la et conduit!” or “Stai zitto e guida” or “Halt den Mund und Antrieb!”, or just plain: “Shut up and drive!”

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