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Tragically, the murderous terror attack in Paris won't be the last disruption to air travel. For example, if your schedules over the next weeks include landing into or flying out of Paris, expect extra tight security and delays.

Because of these situations, you should always include in your travel plans some alternatives to make it through as comfortably as possible. First, if you fly frequently, get the latest electronic smartphone features. As models get smarter, use your smartphone minute-by-minute to keep up to date on all potential delays, cancellations, schedule changes and other interruptions to your travel plans.

Anticipating times when you’ll need to spend unexpected extra minutes or hours in the airport, fill up your smartphone before you leave home. Load it with virtual books, movies, games, as well as YouTube types of recorded tv shows and entertainment.

Another way to prepare is to take items that give you as much privacy as possible while waiting. Bring noise-reducing earphones, sleep mask and a padded hoodie jacket. If possible, find a quiet spot in the airport to stretch out while you wait to hear the welcome announcement that your flight is loading.

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