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Unlike Moses, we don’t command our seasoned readers, but we do attempt to inform them about how to travel with intelligence and sensitivity. Consider these points to remember when on the road, in the air or at sea:

1. Personal safety: If you want to get home again in good shape, follow all sensible rules about travel hazards. Be careful of the food and water you consume, and don’t make a big display of cash while out in a public street. If you’re in a strange town or city, don’t wander alone at night nor fail to protect your wallet and pocketbook. 2. Behave yourself: Remember at all times you’re a guest in the city, town or nation you’re visiting. Have respect for the rights and customs of the people.

3. Learn language basics: Use the many language sources on the internet or take a short intensive course in the language of the country you’ll be visiting. You’ll find the journey more pleasant, and the people appreciative of your consideration.

4. Courtesy always works: If you show courtesy, you’ll get it in return. Don’t make an obvious display of flashy clothing and obnoxious manners that tell everyone you’re a clueless tourist who tries to lord it over the peasants.

5. Keep political opinions to yourself: Don’t spout all your opinions about what you don’t like about the country you’re visiting. You’re a guest, and visiting is a privilege, not a soapbox for you to speak out.

6. Make it a learning and sharing experience: With all the new electronic doodads available for recording your trip, get creative and make sight and sound records of your wanderings. Someone at home may enjoy experiencing them, and you’ll want to relive the moments when your journey is over.

7. Contribute: Appreciate all the help you’ll receive during your wanderings, from people in the travel industry and others. Be a generous tipper to show how much you enjoyed the sights, tastes, courtesy and other happenings that made a memorable trip.

8. Promote your own country’s tourism: In addition to wandering far and wide over the world, add some American destinations to your travel list. See the Grand Canyon, dip in the ocean at Malibu, ride the gondola at Aspen and stroll under the bright lights of a Manhattan evening.

9. Show your appreciation: Always remember that most people in the service industry: waiters, cabbies, bartenders, bellhops, maids, shipboard stewards and others depend on tips.

10. Share your enjoyment: Arrange trips and cruises where you can take friends and/or other members of your family with you. Being generous can be surprisingly enjoyable.

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