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Hey, every senior has to head heavenward at some time, but why book an earlier angel flight by doing stupid things to mind and body? National Cancer Institute nerds watched over 221,000 people, aged 50 to 71. When the study started 20 years ago, all were considered normally healthy.

During the research, those who watched seven or more hours of TV daily were 47% more likely to die, compared to those who watched TV for less than an hour. Of course, seniors, especially retirees with no fixed daily schedule, are being bombarded with more TV with ever-expanding 24-7 and 100s of stations. According to the report, the causes of couch potato deaths include cancer, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, flu, Parkinson's, liver disease and suicide. Considering the endless glut of the newest TV garbage, suicide can only become the more prevalent cause.

So, what can a savvy senior do to avoid becoming one of those sad stats? Just rise up off that couch, get out and go. Travel from a nearby hiking trail to all those interesting parts of the world. New York in autumn, Colorado in winter, Paris in spring and Malibu in summer.

And if you’re still energetic, mentally and physically, plan some of that travel to volunteer. Pitch in to help feed the homeless in your town and/or help build some new housing overseas for those who suffer from war or nature. You'll be healthier and so will people who need you in other parts of the world.

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