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Cruise prices these days are advertised in the same way airfares, hotel rooms, rental cars and other travel-related offers. The quoted ads are designed to attract customers with the usual come-on bargains, such as $99.99 a day, when actual out-of-pocket costs are inevitably 20 or 30 percent higher.

The same applies to cruises. For example, you’re attracted by an ad with a bargain price, but when booking, you’re hit with all the add-ons that make it much more costly. One way for first-time senior sailors to lower cruise prices is to be sure to take advantage of all discounts and other deals. For starters, there may be a savings just because you’re 55 or older. Other opportunities include discounts for memberships and/or retirement status in organizations such as AARP, police, fire professionals, government employees and career military. Additional savings can apply to off-season and repositioning cruises, usually during late autumn and winter when customer demand is lowest.

Another way to cut costs is to keep checking the internet and/or with a favorite hometown travel agent for last-minute promotions. The cruise companies hate to lose money when the ship must sail with unsold cabins. For seniors, especially those retirees who can pack up and get aboard with just a few days’ notice, cabin prices could be as low as 50% off the advertised figure.

We heartily offer best wishes that you’ll find good bargains and smooth sailings on your first sea adventure!

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