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When making your travel plans, learn all about the intended destination. Study the history, people and culture. Research places and events within the city you can enjoy, fit into your travel budget and allow yourself to blend in.

If it will be a foreign city and there’s time before your journey, learn basics of the language. It will be appreciated by the natives and get you added benefits in service and courtesy. Surf the web for the official city site, as well as others on lodging, restaurants, entertainment, museums, night life and other offerings.

Look for ads, coupons and other items you can print and bring with you for free services, bargains and discounts. Check out social sites that list meetings, exhibits, classes and other sessions where you can meet and mix with locals.

Once you’ve made the best choice of hotel, motel, b&b or hostel, arrived in town and settled down, go out to search and enjoy. Whether by yourself, with a companion or tour group, get out into the city and experience everything.

You may consider hiring a taxi or limo service and have the driver show you the sights, as well as offer suggestions about food, clubs, entertainment, social and other happenings. The best way to find a reliable guide is to ask at the hotel front desk.

Be sure to have a well-charged SmartPhone to make a photo and/or video record of your best moments in the city. Make your first visit a well-planned series of enjoyable activities to assure it will be an event you’ll long remember.


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