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Your travel4seniors.com editor just did two non-stop, jam-packed, cheap-seat, six-hour, 3,000-mile flights. Tho the aged bones creaked in my squeezed seat a bit, it was almost pleasant because of smart preps. Here’s how to manage your next one.

Obey the doggone rules: Airport security is never fun, but if you know what’s expected in advance, you’ll sail thru with the least amount of hassle. Except, of course, for the invasive touchee-feelee. Keep your senior brain busy: With all the updated electronics now available, you don’t need to lug a print copy of War and Peace on a flight. Load up your SmartPhone with video and sound programs, such as fave music, movies, vintage TV shows and recent novels. If you’re still working for a living, take some job-related materials with a small keyboard.

Keep your aging body fit: Daily walks and other exercise during the week or so before you fly will prepare you for the physical challenges. Stay hydrated with sips of water, but don’t eat and booze like New Year’s Eve before boarding your flight. On crowded planes, those bathroom lines get very looooong.

Be a comfy codger: Even in the sardine-can cheap seats, you can relax. Wear loose clothing, slip-on-off shoes and use an eye mask if you want to snooze. Along with earphones playing soft music, you can blot out unwanted sounds and light.

Be a freaky codger about germs: Crowded airports and aircraft interiors are full of health risks. Take along wet, medically-treated tissues, and as you go along, wipe off seats, arm rests, and especially everything you touch in the bathrooms.

Be prepared for old Murphy: The Irishman’s law too often hits at the most unfortunate times. Therefore, always anticipate weather delays, unscheduled stops, mechanical problems, overbooking and other annoyances. Have a Plan B ready, so that you can quickly reschedule or take other steps to get to your destination.

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