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USA Today recently posted an article that posed the question of how Airbnb, the new private home booking service, may be fatally impacting on the traditional hostel.

Airbnb has been very successful in attracting travelers who don’t want to pay the ever-escalating hotel prices, while also preferring the quiet of a private home to the noises and activity of commercial hotels.

Your travel4seniors.com editor recently stayed at a Fort Lauderdale FL two-story Airbnb home for a three-night weekend to celebrate a family reunion. It had four bedrooms, three baths and a great swimming pool. We paid a total of $550.

Four rooms at a nearby resort hotel, for similar luxury, but none of the privacy, would’ve cost at least $1,600. Further, if we had chosen a hostel for the reunion, it would have been much cheaper. However, there would be no personal pool, and even less overall privacy than staying in a commercial hotel suite or rooms.

Some advice for seniors who may consider alternatives to paying high hotel rates. Before you book, check out the internet for nearby Airbnb vs hotel offers. If your travel group includes more than two people, you may prefer the lower cost, homelike conveniences and greater privacy of the Airbnb rental.

Additionally, if you’re still young at heart with a backpack wandering attitude, also check out hostels in areas where you plan to travel. If you book, there won’t be much privacy in shared bunk rooms and bathrooms. However, you may enjoy mixing with younger travelers and reliving your own youthful memories.


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