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The recent movie, “Last Vegas”, is an example of why the city attracts get-togethers. Four 60ish seniors decide to meet there after many decades to celebrate the upcoming wedding of one of them, a bachelor. They happily indulge in all the attractions of the city, including dining, drinking, dancing, dallying and beauty contests.

Consider a Las Vegas reunion. Were you in a long-ago teen neighborhood club, military unit, college class or group of job coworkers? Do you and some of the others want to get together after 10, 20, 30 or more years to share the memories once again?  How To Get Started: When you decide to hold a reunion, contact former companions who may help organize the event. Expand on your idea, welcome input and make tentative plans. 

Las Vegas, one of the world’s most popular convention cities, has everything necessary for reunions. The dozens of posh hotels, restaurants, spas and top-quality entertainment facilities are there to provide the best to fulfill your plans.

Most major airlines fly regularly to Las Vegas, and many combinations of air-hotel discount packages are available to accommodate large and small reunions.

Setting Up Your Reunion: Once all participants agree to the Las Vegas plan, an efficient way to make your reunion happen successfully is with professional help. A good source may be your experienced local travel agent. It may not cost anything, because airlines and hotels pay agents percentages of booking charges.

Be sure to work up detailed plans for airline schedules, hotel accommodations, restaurant reservations, as well as meeting programs and other necessary details. As the original planner, you may also take on budgeting, collecting  money from participants and other financial responsibilities.

And remember: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ... except for fantastic memories of your reunion!

Note: There are professional organizations that plan and produce Las Vegas reunions. One is   www.vegasmeansbusiness.com/whats-your-event/reunions

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