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After your kids grew up, you had the comfortable feeling that your daily parenting days were over, and you could relax in your sunset years. Well, think again. Those same kids, now parents, are sure to ask you to take their kids on a trip. Or you’ll happily volunteer.

Whatever the reason, you now have to bring back those old skills of making sure your grandkids will have a happy and safe time with you. Here are tips that can help you make it happen.

Prepare: If you can still handle it, choose health-related travel, to include hiking, swimming and other regular exercise. Bring the kids in on the plans early, so they’ll look forward to the trip with enthusiasm. Instruct: Whether the travel will include air, bus or private car, be sure the grandkids are aware of all required rules of cooperation, safety and behavior. Discuss health concerns with them, and how to avoid spoiling the vacation with illness or injury.

Clothing: Pack everything needed for the time you’ll be away. Assign each child duties for keeping clothing and other personal items clean and usable.

Medications: Bring enough prescription and other medications to last through the trip. Anticipate scrapes, bruises, sniffles and other ailments. Take copies of prescriptions in case of emergency need to refill them.

Foods: Eat fresh, clean ingredients in modest amounts three times daily. Stay away from questionable restaurants and street cart food. Along with the usual sweets, give the grandkids fresh, thoroughly-washed fruit between meals.

Safety: When hiking involves climbing, riding, swimming and other energetic activities, be sure your grandkids aren't required to take chances beyond their abilities, or be exposed to unnecessary dangers. If you can’t handle some of the physical challenges, hire qualified locals.   

Buddy system: Assure constantly monitored safety, especially at busy beaches, pools, hotels and amusement parks. Always pair up kids, preferably an older one with a younger one whenever out of your sight.  

Exposure: Before the sunniest part of each day, apply sunscreen to all exposed skin areas. Avoid overheating, particularly on beaches, by keeping the kids in shaded areas whenever necessary.

Emergencies: Always know how to get instant aid if food poisoning, accidents, sunburn or other sudden health problems happen. If in an amusement park, hotel, beach or other monitored area, know in advance where medical service is available. Set important clicks on your smartphone to call for immediate help.

Cool it: Good health goes beyond physical needs. It’s also enhanced by pleasant emotional highs. On travels with your grandkids, pause frequently to chat, laugh, sing, soothe, pose, cuddle and everything else that make those special adventures and lasting memories.

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