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The simplest way to get instant discounts is to decide what and where you’ll spend travel money. Then, when a price is quoted, even in a snooty, upscale restaurant, ask the simple question. Speak up whenever ordering dinner, buying a theater ticket, pricing a cruise, booking a hotel room, thinking of flying and for hundreds of other occasions.

The magic words are, “What’s the senior discount on this?” Even if a reduced price had not been previously advertised, the question can very often result in unexpected, but very satisfying savings for seasoned wanderers.

Here are just a few examples of some senior traveler discounts available in the U.S.A.

1. National Parks: They’re always a bargain for the wonderful natural features they provide, but are more enjoyable when you get senior citizen discounts.

It regularly costs from $50 to $100 each time for entrance fees to the more than 2,000 National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands. Senior citizens are permitted to pay just $10 one time for a lifetime pass. There may also be up to a 50 percent discount for motels, hostels, camping, boating and swimming for facilities within the National Parks.  www.nps.gov/findapark/passes

2. Lodging: Depending on the season and length of stay, major hotel and motel chains are the most likely to offer senior discounts. For example, when checking into some Holiday Inns, seniors are offered discounts of up to 30%.

3. Cruises: Because retirees make up a large percentage of passengers, many cruise lines offer various types of senior discounts. Typical savings are based on season, ship size, cabin location and port visits.

When planning a cruise, check daily online cruise line promotions, particularly those offering discounts for seniors. If it will be your first cruise, it may help to first consult a reliable hometown travel agent.

4. Entertainment: There are many senior discounts available for movies, live theater, museums, galleries, zoos, public events and other entertainment. For example, zoos and museums often have free entrance days for seniors.

For movies, a good example is the AMC chain, with theaters in major cities. For daytime schedules, seniors may get 30% off ticket prices. www. senior discounts.com/FeaturedDiscounts/AMCTheatres

5. Trains. Rails cover most areas of the nation. With the growing costs of auto and air travel, many seniors are returning to the more economical and less hectic train travel. Amtrak offers 15% discounts for some schedules.

Another example of senior discounts is by Southwest Airlines. It offers up to 20% off on some senior tickets with its “Anytime” and “Wanna Get Away” promotions.  www.southwest.com/.../seniors/index-pol

6. Restaurants: Traditional senior discounts at restaurants often come with attractive pricing, especially for pre-evening customers. Many large chains offer special senior pricing and menu items. For example, Applebees has a Golden Apple membership card promotion that may take as much as 15% off each time you pay your bill. www.applebees.com

Remember, seniors: All ya gotta do is ask!

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