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Cruises are great! You get to enjoy the luxury and all the amenities, plus some extras, of a luxury seaside hotel. Your resort at sea also transports you from port to port, for exciting new ocean and city sights every day.

When you plan a cruise, there are important things to do:

Official: Check early with your travel agent on updated passports and other documents you must have with you.

Clothing: Learn all about the climate where you’ll cruise, and pack accordingly. You may sail in tropical temperatures during the day, and roam chilly decks and port cities at night.

Meds: Take enough for the cruise schedule, plus another week's supply, just in case. Have copies of all active prescriptions with you.

Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses: The sun in tropical areas is intense. Now that you’re no longer a hardy teen, be kind to your senior eyes and skin while sailing the ocean blue.

Comfy walking shoes: While doing morning on-deck jogs and excursions in port, the exercise requires well-fitting sports footwear.

Smartphone/charger: There will be happy moments you want to preserve. Scenes aboard, pictures in port, and don’t forget the selfie with the ship’s captain.

Toiletries: Toothbrush, toothpaste, shaver, hair products, lotion, hairbrush. Take enough to last through the cruise. If you forget anything, some ships provide it free in your cabin. Otherwise, shop for necessary items in the ship’s retail store.

Money:. Bring cash for on-board and on-shore shopping, gambling, boozing and other activities. Your credit card should be good for use anywhere. Sometimes, buying with cash is cheaper than credit cards.

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