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As with everything else on the internet, thievery gets more technically updated all the time. A recent Los Angeles Times article reported that senior U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate a recent online scam.

The site's phony song and dance routine promises hotel rooms at greatly reduced rates. To qualify, you’re required to sign up and pay online with personal financial information. Then, when you arrive at the hotel, there is no record of your reservation, and your payment has been hacked by the crooks. For traveling seniors who want to avoid this, there’s a simple solution. First, before you book what seems like a great deal on the internet, call the hotel and ask if the alleged deal is legitimate.

The same applies for cruises, airlines and other travel resources. Additionally, it’s always safe to use a familiar hometown travel agent to do your bookings instead of falling for unbelievable promises you see online. It will save you and your credit card from being scammed.

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