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As you become a very seasoned senior, it’s inevitable that your physical condition will require assistance when you travel.

Gone will be those days of running through airports to get from sidewalk to board your flight. Even if you can still walk unaided, the distances will become just too much to handle on foot. You’ll then opt to use a wheelchair to help getting to and from your flights in comfort and on schedule.  

When you’ll need that wheelchair on your travels, here are suggestions on how to make your air journey more comfortable and less troublesome.

Book In Advance: Schedule a wheelchair to be at the airport entrance when you arrive for your flight. An employee then takes over and makes sure you get to security. Even when the area is crowded, your wheelchair may get you through the departing flight gate with priority boarding.  Be sure your booking schedules a wheelchair to be waiting at the aircraft exit door when the flight lands. The attendant will take you promptly to connecting flights, or to the baggage carousel. Tipping for wheelchair and other free airport services rendered should be your way of showing appreciation.

Companion: When slowed down by age, even if you believe you can be independent in all your airport and flight needs, it’s always best to travel with an adult escort. Flying becomes more complicated all the time, and for protection and peace of mind, another person can help you when there are difficulties.

Travel Light and Follow Security Rules: Unless absolutely necessary, fly with a carry-on bag and, if necessary a small backpack or purse. Don’t bring any banned items. In some tight security situations, be prepared to stand and/or walk a few steps through the electronic arch. Request help, if necessary.

Invest In More Comfort: Today’s lowest-priced coach seats are tight. It may be a more enjoyable trip if you’re willing to pay to upgrade to a roomier, larger seat. If the flight will be more than six hours, consider investing in business and first class seats that recline into flat beds.

Have A Safe Flight: As you board, find out bathroom locations. In flight, be considerate of seatmates, and usually they’re more than willing to help make your flight as comfortable as possible.

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