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Airline prices aren't getting lower, and you can expect ever-increasing charges for checked bags. Additionally, because of inevitable delays, retrieving luggage after your flight is always a time-consuming hassle, and yours could fail to arrive at all. So, fly with carry-on bags.

If you're used to traveling with a large suitcase, a carry-on will force you to take less stuff. But, you ask, how can I sail that luxury cruise without loads of the fashionable clothing for dress-up dinners? Or, I’m booked for that trek up the Canadian Rockies, and need outdoor gear that couldn't fit into a carry-on bag.

With those few exceptions, there are ways to avoid luggage costs, losses and carousel delays. Some tips may help. Before leaving home, put everything out on the bed, including clothing, underwear, socks, shirts, medications, toiletries and everything else you know you just can't possibly leave behind.

Then start taking some away. One dress-up outfit is enough for most travel needs. Underwear and socks can be reduced to just two-days' worth. Bring stuff worn each day into the shower in your hotel or cruise cabin and hang up to dry overnight. Leave soap, shampoo and other toiletries home and use those provided.

Most airlines allow another bag, preferably over-the-shoulder, as long as it fits under the seat. The most practical is a knapsack with many compartments, so you can find items quickly for inspections and other needs. It also allows hands free when walking.

For more take-along, wear a jacket with outside and inside pockets. Stash as much of your gear as you can carry into zippered or buttoned pockets. Check with your travel agent about currently acceptable items you can put in your carry-on and pockets.

Packing for a flight these days can be a confusing task. The most convenient and economical way is to be able to personally carry everything you'll need on your trip.

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