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Not many remember way back when commercial flying was a dress-up affair. Can you recall photos of glamorous Hollywood couples, all ready for their close-ups, as they emerged from their 10-hour flights?

For example, arriving in Hollywood from London, Sir Laurence Olivier and wife, Vivien Leigh, ascended the metal stairway as if dressed for a movie premiere. Today's air travelers are much less formal than those long-ago icons of the silver screen. Comfortable clothing and shoes are a must. If you'll be on a long flight or train journey, a pair of soft slippers can help your feet get some needed rest. A large, loose-fitting coat can serve as a mini-tent, blanket and/or pillow.

If you’ll be traveling for more than a few days, one trick is to wear old clothes. Take your most ragged underwear, shirts, skirts and other ready-to-toss items. Wear each for one or two days and trash them. Then, on the return trip you’ll have enough room in your bags for items you’ve purchased in your travels.

Another essential is a cap with a visor or a sleep mask. It can blot out light and allows you to snooze as the miles and hours go by. Along with keeping unwanted glare away from your eyes, take along a pair of noise-reducing earphones to mute unwanted sounds. Your earphones can be attached to your SmartPhone or other device for your own private concert.

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