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Not an isolated happening, but interesting recent story from Fox News. A woman who had just appeared on a reality courtroom TV show flew from NYC to LA. During the flight, she was very friendly, walking along the isles and chatting with passengers.

As she was leaving the plane, the police showed up and hauled her off to jail. During the flight she had expertly swiped another passenger’s passport and bank card, as well as a flight attendant’s iPad, all recovered from her handbag. We wonder if her TV courtroom gig was about pickpocketing or other magic tricks. The woman was a very clever thief, because no one noticed her searching through the overhead bins. She was nabbed because the flight attendant discovered her iPad was stolen.

Lesson to senior flyers: When flying and on all other away-from-home travel, wear a coat with at least four large pockets that zip or button closed. In them, keep passports, wallets, credit cards, jewelry and other valuables.

Also, if you travel with a handbag or briefcase with valuables inside, make sure it has an over-the-shoulder strap, Keep it close to your b0dy under an elbow or armpit. As Tarzan said while traveling thru the trees: It’s a jungle out there!

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