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Of course, not all cruises are designed for seniors, but we are a major source for customers in the cruise industry. The simple economic fact is that many cruise schedules are designed for seniors, because older people, especially retirees, have the time and money to indulge in cruising.

It doesn't take super elaborate facilities, just basic fun, food, entertainment and a bit of luxury, to make senior passengers happy. And that's what cruises provide in leaps and bounds. Cruises are the ultimate, no-hassle vacation.

After the rush of getting to the port, once senior passengers are aboard, everything is catered to them. There’s easy access to comfortable quarters, dining, Broadway  style entertainment, swim, spa, poolside lounging, all within moments of their cabins.

It can be a boon for those of limited physical condition. Unlike most land and seashore vacations, there’s adequate time and attentive service for seniors to enjoy the full experience.

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