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One consideration for seniors who want to hit the road this season is the high cost of gasoline. Of course, the greedy oil producers are always seeking ways to make it worse. If you’re on a tight budget, consider adding passengers.

If two or three senior couples pool in one car on a long road trip, the savings can be substantial. The money will be better spent on lodging, food, excursions, entertainment and souvenirs to take back to the family. With four or more in the car, driving duties can be divided to avoid fatigue, especially during long night hours on major highways. Each driver can be at the wheel for two- or three-hour shifts. Another rides shotgun in the front seat, to check GPS and other sources for detours, interesting sights and towns along the way. The off-duty drivers can snooze in the back.

If your route includes big cities, set arrival time at 5 am or earlier. By 6 am, the highways and streets may get impossibly jammed through to 10 am. Auto trip data is always being updated, and when you're getting ready for a long auto trek, remember what Dinah Shore used to sing,"See the USA in your senior way; America is asking you call!"

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