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A recent CNN article reported continuing problems of airport workers stealing from checked luggage. It happens to just a tiny percentage of the millions of bags that go through the system. However, if it’s yours that gets a $1,500 watch or $500 bracelet swiped, the problem becomes very seriously personal.

There’s a supremely simple solution that travelers apply to avoid theft from their checked bags. Taking a cue from the Biblical Joseph and his coat of many colors, savvy seniors fly wearing coats of many pockets.

Similar to hunter, safari and military jackets, they have at least four large patch front pockets and from four to six inside pockets. Some also have additional pockets on the jacket arms. All have button-down flaps or zippers for tight security. They can hold your valuables, including jewelry, electronic gear, wallets, passports and much more.

Of course, you can avoid checking larger items with backpacks and carry-ons. However, airline regulations are getting tougher and you may have to check them before boarding. Search sporting goods, military surplus and online sources to find the super secure coat you can wear that will fit your plans for theft-free flying. www.cnn.com/2015/04/13/us/airport-luggage-theft/index


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