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You worked hard during your career and deserve golden years of rest and fun wanderings you've planned for years. However, as it happens with many new retirees, you feel you also want to give something of yourself to help others.

You can volunteer at local fundraisers, teach a Sunday school class, make cookies for a charity bake sale and many other contributions. Beyond that, you also want to do something constructive with your hands, heart and bucket.

It could involve painting a home for a needy family, repairing a church roof, cleaning the local park grounds or volunteering for other bucket-ready tasks. Here are some sources where you can pitch in and help in your area or across the world.

Retired & Senior Volunteer Program: www.seniorcorps.org
Volunteer Abroad: www.goabroad.com
Senior Corps: www.nationalservice.gov
Cross-Cultural Solutions: www.crossculturalsolutions.org
USO: www.uso.orgĀ 
American Red Cross: www.redcross.org
Habitat For Humanity: www.habitat-for-humanity.org
Salvation Army: www.salvationarmyusa.org

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