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There was a recent video news item about a London street protest. The reporter asked a sign-carrying guy why he was marching. The answer with a grin: It’s a great way to meet girls.

Meeting new people while traveling alone isn’t difficult if you can be outgoing, friendly and a bit devious. The next time you’re roaming alone and feel lonely, you don’t have to join a protest march. Just be out there and get noticed.

At least on one night, instead of a motel or hotel, stay in a b&b. Everyone there gets together in the kitchen and open areas to prepare breakfast, talk and exchange info. The relaxed atmosphere in small groups makes it easy to start up a conversation with other travelers.

Though most hostel visitors are very young, it could be worthwhile to try one. An experienced, mature wanderer could enjoy being a gourmet chef or storytelling mentor among an audience of rapt teenagers.  As soon as you arrive in the strange city or town, check out what’s happening in the daily newspapers, on local TV and your SmartPhone. If there are any social events, dances, celebrations, special museum exhibits, street fairs or other types of activities where people mix, go and join in.

Also, take your SmartPhone to a coffee shops, outdoor cafes and launderettes. Strike up conversations, ask questions and compare your electronics with those of others there. Try the age-old lead-in: Pardon me, but is this seat taken?

The best ways to meet new people when you’re a lonesome traveling senior are those where you can find or create occasions to talk with them. Then, if you do it right, friendly conversations will earn new friends or much deeper relationships.

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