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There’s the sudden confusion, anger and frustration. Failure to answer a simple question at the airport makes some older travelers panic. There are ways to manage those unpleasant moments.

Take time to calm down. Anger only leads to more problems for you and busy people trying to do their jobs. Take a few breaths and review the situation. Ask for time to get your thoughts together. Don’t be abusive nor allow yourself to be hurried or ridiculed.

If you travel alone and find yourself experiencing more and more senior moments, next time consider taking along a companion. Realize that aging is an inevitable process, and your mental condition may deteriorate to a point where you put yourself into unnecessary danger. For example, when having problems in your car, it may be time to leave the driving to someone else. If busy airport schedules are getting more difficult to maneuver, let a younger mind cope with them for you.

As you get to your 70s and beyond, and still travel frequently, be sure to see your family physician before each major journey. Ask questions about any physical or mental problems you’re experiencing. If medications are prescribed, be sure to understand their purposes and comply with the doctor’s orders for using them as required. 

Be connected in case feelings of confusion and forgetfulness happen and you’re away from home. Be sure family, friends and doctor have copies of your schedule. Always bring a SmartPhone or other method of instant contact. When you need help, calm down and call for help and reassurance.

Always travel with IDs you can access quickly. Credit cards, medical instructions and other info cards should be in your wallet in a handy front pocket, preferably buttoned or zipped for security. When required in your travels, you can take them out quickly.

Managing senior moments on the road, in the sky and everywhere else is most successful if you know you can address  any problems. By keeping calm and in contact, your travels can go smoothly.

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