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The scenario: On a singles cruise by yourself or with a travel pal, both hoping to meet someone new and interesting. Tonight you’re looking your absolute best for the ship’s dress-up dinner, so this may be your opportunity.

Assigned to a table of ten, you’re in luck. The person sitting next to you is attractive and about your age. Now you cleverly come up with sparkling questions, all great conversation starters. Here are some hints:

1. Your first cruise? This can get some reaction, especially if that person is actually on a first cruise. Boast about your great knowledge of cruising. You’ve studied up to be an authority on ship features, port visits, entertainment aboard, casino, spa, pool, bars and which shore excursion is the very best. 2. What’s your hometown? Whatever town your soon-to-be-friend names, you have something pleasant to say about it. For example: Oh, so you’re from Lancaster, Pa. Been there many times. Love the pretzels and family-style restaurants.

New York City? I go every year for the Rockettes show at Radio City. If the answer is Newark or Cleveland, you’ll have to think hard, but clever you will come up with something nice to say about any hometown.

3. Tell me about your family. If you think it will help, that’s the bragging time to take out the photos. However, if the answer includes five kids and two ex-spouses, immediately turn to the dinner companion on your other side, who suddenly becomes much more interesting.

4. What are you doing these days? Example: So, you’re a teacher. That must be the most satisfying profession in the world. Or, you’re an accountant. I’ve always admired someone who’s an expert on numbers. You can try a bit of humor on some vocations. Example: So, you're in law enforcement. What do I have to do to get arrested?

5. Enjoying the cruise? This could be your chance to empathize with whatever the person says. If the answer is no, and with specific complaints, you can say you’ve had the same experience. For example: Oh, I agree. That show they put on last night was terrible. I’m a better dancer than anyone in that chorus line. And the comedy jokes must have come out of an old Milton Berle TV show script.

6. The final question: That person sitting next to you looks and sounds promising. Pose a smiling invitation: After dinner, would you like to join me for a drink and midnight stroll around the deck?

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