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Making economic travel plans gets easier all the time. As the internet continues to expand, scan all the attractive fast-breaking, last-minute travel offers advertised by many internet sources. If you’re retired and can go on short notice, so much the better.

Register your name, email address, phone number and preferences with a trusted local travel agent, as well as with four or five last minute-travel websites. When attractive offers occur, be ready to pack, and make quick decisions about time of availability, budget limits, weather, destinations and other important features.

Additionally, seek out last-minute vacation deals by calling directly to hotel chains, resorts, cruise lines, tour companies and airlines. Another way is to keep in touch with group travel planners at local colleges, schools, churches, service clubs and other social organizations.

Take advantage of last-minute travel deals following the Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared, and ready for a sudden short-notice deal. Keep a basic suitcase or wheeled carry-on packed with at least a week's supply of clothing, footwear, toiletries, meds and other necessities.

Additionally, have several hundred dollars in cash and/or traveler's checks on hand. As soon as you’re ready and raring to go, you can expect all of those great last-minute travel bargains to come pouring in.


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