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Do the math. The average cruise costs about $200 a day per couple. The all-inclusive price provides a comfortable cabin, all meals and snacks, Broadway style entertainment, dancing, deck games, swimming, exercise sessions and many other free goods and services.

At today's inflated prices, a landlubber vacation that involves staying at a resort hotel of comparable quality would total at least $400 per couple daily. Three hotel or nearby restaurant meals can easily double that amount. Amenities that are free on cruises, such as games, music, swim, sun and spas, would add considerably to the cost of the same services at resort hotels or private facilities. Another advantage of cruising, especially for seniors with physical limitations, is that once bags are unpacked, that's it for the entire vacation. Everything aboard the ship is just steps away. In addition to the ever-changing scenery, on port calls cruise passengers can go ashore and sample the culture and sights of different lands.

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