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We’re tired of seeing so many newspaper and website warnings that Alzhiemer’s anger and confusion have overtaken seniors. So, to prove their accusations, here are the reasons senior sojourners go insane:

1. I learn the $99 bargain flight or hotel room actually takes $150 out of my pocket.

2. The hotel charges for wi-fi and so-called honor fridge, even if I never use the damned things.

3. The attendant on a long flight charges $25 for a stinky blanket and sweaty pillow.

4. I enjoy playing cruise ship casino slot machines, but know they’re really just money grabbers. The pay-out is even less than you get from the robbery slots in swanky Vegas resorts. It’s more entertaining to just stand on deck and throw dollars into the sea one by one.

5. The last is the worst: annoying airport security routine. Those nutcase terrorists who smashed airplanes into New York in 2001 are now stoking Satan’s furnaces. However, they should be happy to know they created a multi-billion-dollar government bureaucratic boondoggle, paid for by U.S. taxpayers.

Flying seniors, especially those 90-year-old potential terrorists in wheelchairs, may go into dementia while being bodily poked and probed by the grinning recipients of those tax dollars.


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