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Vegas boasts world-class entertainment, every kind of international food, luxurious hotels, all kinds of gambling, fantastic pools and upscale shops. You'll enjoy all the elements of Sin City along with millions of other seniors in sensible shoes, canes, wheelchairs, walkers and go-carts.

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Vegas entertainment is great, featuring everything to nude dancers to Broadway shows. And don't be surprised if you see Elvis clones popping up all over town, such as performing marriages, pumping gas, waiting on tables or at the potty stall next to you.

Of course, for expanding your gambling horizon, Sin City isn’t the only great destination in the world. If you want to take a chance of losing your family jewels, try gambling in London. A wonderfully historic old town that’s exciting for many other treasures, including Trafalgar Square, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Cathedral, Buckingham Palace and the real Crown Jewels on display in the Tower of London.

London has some very posh gambling clubs where you can shake your dice and bootie along with the very snootiest of British and Continental society, along with a few dukes and duchesses. The British capital city itself is full of fascinating sites, great musicals and Shakespeare theaters, cozy restaurants and quaint pubs.

Other great gambling destinations around the world on our list are Monte Carlo, Baden-Baden, Atlantis, Macau, Sun City in South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Reno, Atlantic City and all those Native-American casinos throughout the land. Let me talk about just a few.

To experience Europe's very first casino, you can visit the Baden-Baden spa and gambling joint in Germany. It was opened by some guy in 1809 named Wilhelm the First, Frederick the Great or Hans Schicklegruber. It’s said Napoleon gambled there, and the reason he always held his hand inside his closed coat was because he gambled away his shorts, along with the treasury of France. Rumor has it that the spa got its name when stone-broke Nappy stormed out saying, "This rip-off joint is really Baden, Baden for my health!"

Of course, because of all the James Bond movies, and when the Prince married movie star Grace Kelly in the 1950s, we were convinced that the Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco was the coolest, hippest gambling joint in the world. It still is a very high-class place, with palaces all around the casino that would make Buckingham look like a shack. When I was there several years ago, I was told the grave of Grace Kelly, the glamorous movie idol of my youth, was buried in the church next door to the casino. What a disappointment! I thought there would be a fancy marble monument fit for a queen, but she’s under a simple stone slab on the floor of a little chapel.

The Caribbean is a great destination for gamblers who want to escape the winter cold. The Atlantis Resort Hotel in the Bahamas is the largest and most luxurious casino in the area, and a great gambling location. The resort is a beautiful structure, featuring twin towers connected by a scenic penthouse walkway. A penthouse suite, incidentally, costs $25,000 a night, so just the very rich and Chicago politicians are the only people who can afford them.

Although I've been all over the world, and have sampled many of the gambling areas, I always find I’m drawn back to Vegas. In fact, in the past decades, Vegas has drawn replicas of the rest of the world to town. For the flavor of France, there's the posh Paris Resort. For Italy, there's Bellagio and the Venetian. For ancient Egypt, there's Luxor. And for the Caribbean experience, there's the luxury, sand and surf of the Mandalay Bay Resort.

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