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8 Ways To Prepare Grandchildren For Grand Vacations - Making Travel Without Parents A Fun Challenge
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Are you thinking of taking your precious grandchildren on a vacation without their parents? Here are 8 travel tips to ease the process.

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Interested in a vacation with grandchildren sans parents? First, try out the idea close to home, so no one will be homesick or disappointed. After all, as very special grandparents, you want the first visit to be the beginning of a wonderful family tradition.

Here are some tried and true tips to make that very first visit a special one.

  • 1. Be sure you're in command of the stroller and carseat mechanics. There's nothing worse than seeming "out of touch" in front of your own kids, especially when it comes to notions of safety.
  • 2. Try taking toddlers to a botanical garden or local park where they can run around in a safe, fenced-in area without your having to chase them. There may not be available seating with a good vantage point of the play area, so bring folding chairs if you will be more comfortable sitting.
  • 3. Be sure to ask parents about discipline so you can establish appropriate guidelines for your grandchildren's behavior.
  • 4. Take school-age grandchildren to a local museum or historic site and use the displayed art and artifacts to share some aspect of your own childhood.
  • 5. Follow a successful visit with lunch or afternoon tea and you may see someone's best behavior.
  • 6. Try to babysit a few evenings before your big trip. A success at home can ensure success on the road.
  • 7. Ask parents about nap and sleep schedules so you know what to expect at day's end. Helping young children stick to their regular routine usually makes for happy campers.
  • 8. After some guidance from parents and some practice on local excursions, everyone should be comfortable about spending a few days away from home together.
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