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Seniors love nostalgia, and there’s no better way to go back in time than while you’re stuck in time while on a cross-country or foreign flight. Or while you’re wasting time sitting in a lonely airport waiting for that incoming flight that is still far, far away.

Of course, to choose your own movie menu, you’ll need to take with you a DVD player or other current portable gizmo that has a slot for them. You can buy the discs on line, new or used. You can also rent them from Netflix or other lending service. You may also be able to check out the DVDs free at your local library.

Here are our choices for fighting boredom on flights and in the airport, not necessarily in order of preference:

1. Airplane: Craziest flying collection of puns of all time!
2. Flight of the Phoenix: Original one with Jimmy Stewart
3. Air Force One: President Harrison Ford offs bad guys
4. The High and the Mighty: John Wayne without horses
5. The Spirit of St. Louis: Stewart does Lindy flight

Gotta add Casablanca, even tho there’s no flying, except at the end when Bogie says goodbye to Bergman as she’s about to board, when he snarls, “Here’s looking at you, kid.”

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