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A recent sting operation at a Florida cruise terminal parking lot revealed what could be a common practice. Because lot employees knew the cars would be there for a week or more, they felt free to drive them for personal use.

Secret GPS tracking and video recordings showed who was driving, times when the cars were used and miles traveled. Some evidence included racing, shopping, nightclub visits and other personal journeys by the lot owner and employees.  

It doesn’t take advanced math skills to realize that paying for parking for seven or more days, at the modest average charge of $15 to $25 a day, plus the cost of fuel, can actually be more expensive than taking a cab from home to port of embarkation.

Next time you plan to drive your car to the airport and park it for a week or more, consider the cost compared to taking a taxi or bus. Additionally, the security of leaving the car locked in your home garage may be more advantageous than exposing it to untrustworthy parking lot employees and other dangers.

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