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A week after the State Department issued a warning about potential dangers in many Mexican states, a Mexican official has angrily denied it.

Mexican Interior Department Alejandro Poire says millions of tourists from the U.S. and other countries visit Mexico every year, and enjoy safe and pleasant times.

However, whether you travel in Mexico, New York, Tokyo, Rio or Detroit, you can assure your safety by following simple rules:

1. Blend in with the locals, by not flashing touristy clothing and hats. They attract aggressive vendors, pickpockets and street thieves.

2. Don’t venture alone in a strange city, especially at night. Take at least one other person along and stay in brightly-lit, heavily-traveled streets.

3. When you venture out of your hotel, take only the amount of cash you expect to need that day. Use the hotel safe for most of your money and valuable jewelry.

4. Keep your wallet in a zipped or buttoned pocket. Purses should be on strong straps and held close, preferably tucked tightly between your arm and body.

5. Carry a fully-charged cell or smart phone with you at all times. Before you venture out, you should have set up instant, one-key access to local police, hospitals and the closest American embassy or consulate.

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