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Cat complaint

We won’t advise travelers to cancel their plans this season because of this problem, but we’re getting many complaints about confusing prices. For various reasons, airlines, hotels, cruise lines and other travel-related sources quote one price in their ads, and then heap on all kinds of extra charges when the customer gets the bill.

Those $99 flights, cruise cabin or hotel room promotions look good with all the colorful photos and promises. By now, seasoned travelers know that the quote is virtually meaningless, because actual charges will go up at least another 25% when it’s time to pay the bill.

There are many reasons for those extra charges, and you’ll understand as you dig deeper into the figures and your pocket. Therefore, if you don’t want a big shock, get the full price before you book. When you inquire with an online or hometown travel agency, or book on your own, insist on the total truth. Get the total out-of-pocket costs you’ll have to pay. Then take the very best deal you can get.

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