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Angry man

Chicago: Recent United Airlines computer breakdowns completely disrupted all of their weekend flights. O'Hare Airport and others were jammed with delayed passengers.

We’ve all had it happen to us, and have concluded there's not much you can do about flight delays. You can get angry, yell and stomp around. That will do no good at all, except raise your blood pressure.

Or, you can find ways to make the time pass. First, whenever you go to the airport for a flight, be sure you have a pull-down visor cap to reduce the lights. Look for a place on a terminal seat or against a wall for as much privacy as you can find. Then turn on your magic device.

1. Ebook: The electronic wonder can hold hundreds of titles, enough to keep you reading for days, including novels, histories, biographies, languages to learn and scads of other subjects.

2. Mini CD player: Clamp on your earphones and drift off to fantasy land. Play live radio, recorded music, dramas, novels, language learning and old radio programs.

3. Laptop/DVD player/video: Get the smallest, lightweight all-purpose iPod or other all-purpose device: This little gizmo can keep your mind/eyes/ears busy for hours with all kinds of work. Use the keyboard to send out Emails, write essays or outlines for next business campaigns.

If you use any of these little miracles, the hours will seem like minutes until your flight is finally scheduled to depart.

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