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Well, not really a very fast breeze these days, but if you do it right, at least you can avoid the usual snail’s pace . Here are some suggestions for easing your way:

1. Wear easy-off shoes, sandals and boots. Nothing is so awkward in the security line as when you’re juggling tickets, purses, computers, tickets and other stuff, and then have to stoop over to remove or put on footwear. Make it at least a bit less inconvenient if you can get barefoot in a hurry.

2. Wear a jacket or vest with lots of pockets when going through security. Have all papers and other documents ready ready to be displayed.

3. Yeah, we know all the gripes about the body scans, and how they’re getting more embarrassing as new ones are invented. If you must go through the ordeal, keep calm and courteous. The scan person is just doing a job and has heard it all before.

4. Know the no-no rules about stuff you can’t carry through security, and be sure to leave it with your checked bags before you must go through the delays caused by your thoughtless error. Be sure your laptop is in approved bag with open flap in case it is inspected.

And, for your own peace of mind, get to the airport early, so the ordeal won’t also include running to a gate that has just closed. Be prompt, not sorry.

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