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When interviewed by researchers, almost 99 percent of all travelers insisted they washed their hands after visits to public bathrooms. When the researchers then did some spying on several thousand people, the actual percentage was 77 percent of men and 93 percent of women why actually did wash.

Even those real statistics are encouraging and better than statistics of ten years ago. However, the dangers of unwashed hands still cause problems. There are ever-present reasons to wash your hands everywhere you travel. The most evident is that whenever anyone washes hands in a men's room, he can expect that one of four others didn't.

In airports, train stations and restaurants, it’s essential that you wash your hands frequently, especially just before you sit down to eat a meal. Aboard cruise ships, many of the stomach disorders that occur are not from bad food nor heavy seas. They’re because people go to meals after walking along the deck holding on to the railings, bulkheads, bathroom doors or other exposed parts of the ship. Then they eat without first washing their hands.

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