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Pack mule

Did you see the recent news about an experienced travel writer who’s planning a 60-day European trek with absolutely no luggage to check nor stash in the overhead. He’s taking just one soft backpack which will fit under his airplane seat, and will wear a field jacket with eight big, expandable pockets in it.

His gear in the backpack will consist of two changes of clothing, extra pair of canvas shoes, shorts/swimsuit, toothbrush/paste, hairbrush, hunk of soap, small towel, video/photo phone, small disc CD and small digital 35mn camera. Because he likes to read on flight, he may also carry one of those digital books, with a dozen disks.

There are many advantages of going lite, not loaded down like a pack mule.

Quick moves: You can get off your flight and out of the airport quicker. Checking in and out of hotels/hostels is a snap. If you’re recording your ventures, your cameras and cellphones are right at your fingertips.

Security: You lower the risk of losing or having your luggage stolen. It’s always by your side or on your back. 

No tips needed: You can lug your stuff everywhere without needing help.

Keeping clean: With minimum amounts of clothing, you can do what many lite travelers do. Take today’s underwear, socks and shirts into the shower with you, then squeeze dry and hang to dry overnight.

On your next long trip, go lite and you’ll be tripping the lite fantastic without being overloaded with unnecessary stuff.


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