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Donate air seat

If you’ve accumulated more miles than you can expect to use before they expire, or if you have a favorite charity you want to help by donating those miles, there are ways to do it:

1. Mileage giveaways are usually called guest flier programs. If you want to give once or frequently, keep up on the ever-changing rules. For latest information, check websites of United Airlines Charity Miles, American Airlines Miles for Kids, Northwest Air Cares, Delta Sky Wish Charities, Midwest Airlines Miracle Miles, southwest.com and and Continental OnePass. There are also websites that give information on the entire donar process, including smartertravel.com and frequentflier.com. 2. In some cases, a specific airline will only allow donations to its own approved charities. That may mean you can’t give to your own choice of a neighborhood church, private club, community organization or school. If the airline doesn’t have it listed, you can’t make the donation.

3. Be aware that some airlines charge extra fees for processing the transfer of miles.

4. When you’re donating air miles, understand the Federal and local income tax responsibilities involved. Your gift may not be allowed for tax purposes.

5. There are hundreds of national organizations that benefit from the air miles, particularly those who actually will use them for specific flight. For example, the Make-A-Wish Foundation uses the miles to send child cancer patients to Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Special Olympics conducts regional and national games for special kids, and uses the miles to send them to the events. Operation Hero Miles uses the donations to fly servicemen and women home on leave, as well as to fly family members overseas to visit with loved ones at duty stations. Ronald McDonald House, The American Red Cross and Salvation Army offer similar free services from donated air miles.

There are many ways to donate your unused air miles. When you decide on the organization you want to have them or before the miles in danger of expiring, get in touch with your airline. When you give them away, you’ll have the great feeling of knowing you’ve made a valuable gift to someone who really needs and appreciates your generosity.

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