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Venus di Milo

We’ve been asked by some of our more modest senior travelers about nude and topless bathing in Las Vegas swimming pools. They don’t want to show up for a sun and swim and be shown up by a bunch of younger, firmer people who are proud to bare it all.

This just seems to be a complaint here in the U.S. Although nudity never seems to bother seniors who are familiar with bare-it-all beaches in France, the Caribbean and elsewhere, but nude hotel poolsides in Vegas may bother them.

Yes, there are a few Vegas resorts that allow topless bathing in certain private, screened-off pool areas. Don’t worry about doing your more covered-up sunning, because in all hotels and resorts, you’ll find the major pool areas occupied by fully-swimsuited adults and kids.

Suggestion: If you haven’t selected the resort or hotel yet for your Vegas visit, check the bare facts with your online or hometown travel agency about where the topless pools are located. Then, you can make your plans accordingly. But, always remember, Vegas isn’t called Sin City for nothing.

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