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Storm clouds

Stormy seas rarely affect cruises

Last year we booked a cruise from Los Angeles that sailed down Mexico’s West Coast to Cabo San Lucas. Just a few days before sailing, there was scary news about a major hurricane with 120 MPH winds heading right for Cabo. Should we cancel?

We called the cruise line and were told the policy is that a ship was never to be within 100 miles of any hurricane. In this case, if there was any danger at Cabo, the captain would follow the strict rules and go to a safe location at sea or another port. Anyhow, our fears were for nothing. The hurricane veered far south and never came near Cabo. Our cruise was smooth and peaceful.


Every year has its hurricane season on both the East and West Coasts of America. Early predictions for this year are that a severe hurricane season is expected, particularly in the Caribbean. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says there will be from 14 to 23 major storms in the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico waters. About half of them may reach hurricane intensity of more than 110 MPH in wind velocity.

Therefore, if you’re planning a cruise to areas that traditionally have hurricane seasons, it’s hardly likely any of them would even affect you. To be sure, when you’re ready to book your trip to the Caribbean or Mexican Riviera, check with your favorite home town or online travel agency for the latest news of upcoming storms.


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