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Some modest exercises make airport delays bearable

When you’re stuck in the airport waiting area for an hour or more, as we all too often are, use the time to to benefit your body. You’ll see everyone around you sprawled out, squeezed in or squirming uncomfortably in the torture racks they call seats.

Try some simple exercises to fight the boredom, nervous fidgeting and ever tightening muscles. First, make sure your carry-on and other stuff is secure with a companion, or do your flexing close-by with it all in sight. Here are some suggested movements:

1. Stand with your hands on your hips or clasped behind your head. Turn your upper body slowly from side to side, stretching toward the back as far back as you can. Do this 25 times on each side or until you feel limber enough.

2. Standing or sitting, raise your left leg slowly straight out as far as you can comfortably and hold it for five seconds, then flex your knee up toward your chest and let your leg return to its original position. Do the same with your right leg. Do this 25 times with each leg or until you need to rest for a moment.

If you’re in the waiting area for an hour or more, repeat the exercises every ten or 15 minutes, along with frequent standing and stretching to work out the kinks. Then, when your flight is called, you’ll be limber enough to beat all those out-of-shape passengers to your seat.

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