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Screening can make you feel like screaming

Because of recent terrorist scares, annoying airport security routines are getting to be even more of a pain. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been tempted to raise your hand against a pushy ATC airport security guard who gets too personal or tosses everything out of your carry-on bag. OK, that’s everyone in the class. Seriously, no matter how angry you get about your experience in that gauntlet of humiliation called airport screening, keep your cool.

Recently, an AirTran pilot was fined $100 for grabbing the hand of a security guard because he believed she was messing too much with the plastic tray full of his valuables just before it went through the x-ray. The incident happened at Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport.

Hey, flyboy, that’s nothing. We’ve had even more reasons to grab a guard’s hand or other parts of the body. Several times, we’ve had our neatly-packed carry-ons pulled aside for special search. I guess we’re very suspicious-looking travelers, age 84 and 80. We had to watch while the guard went through the bag and actually tossed everything up in the air. Then, with an evil grin, the guy gave the messy bag back. We needed to spend lots of time trying to put everything together again before we boarded our flight.

Of course, with the recent scare of another nutcase terror bombing attempt, along with jammed airports, long check-in lines and snail-moving security lines, anyone’s temper can flare up. However, when something happens that you believe is wrong or discourteous, don’t take it out on the security guards. They work under continuously stressful conditions and get lots of guff from angry, frustrated flyers.

Demand to speak to a supervisor, and then explain the situation as calmly as you can. It may not do you any good, or only give you temporary satisfaction. But if enough people file complaints, it could help to improve the security service and customer relations attitudes of the guards.


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