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If airport rentals sky high, give bus or taxi a try

Airport car rental rates have soared into the clouds. In many of the major airports, they’ve more than doubled since 2008. The lame-sounding reason given by car rental agences is that prices needed to be raised because fewer cars are available. Huh? Guess that was some kind of convoluted law of supply and no demand.

It used to be that renting a car at the airport was economical and convenient for busy business fliers. Now, with the high costs and increasing traffic snarls within busy airport roads, for many it isn’t worth the increasing fees and hassle any more. Unless a rental car is absolutely necessary, consider departing the airport on public transportation, cab or get a pal to pick you up.

If you’d still prefer to rent a car, call various agencies before you leave home or office to catch your flight to that airport, and get some price quotes. Although some car rental companies don’t want you to believe it, they must compete for your business. If enough potential drivers stop using the high-priced ones, maybe car rental prices will come down to normal again.

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